Student Organization Advisors

Advisor Information

Only Faculty and Staff can be advisors for organizations. If you are a student looking to get involved, please fill out the Involvement Ambassadors Consultation Form.

MSU Staff & Faculty,

Advisors are a crucial part of the success of student organizations at Mississippi State. All student organizations are required to have at least one advisor. We are currently looking for staff and faculty members who would be interested in serving as an advisor for one of our 300+ student organizations. This is a great opportunity to engage with students outside of the classroom and become more involved in the university community. Please complete the linked form if you are interested in serving as an advisor in the coming academic year. If you have any questions or would like more information please feel free to reach out to the Center for Student Activities at 662-325-2930.


Student Activities Staff

The Advisor Role

By sharing knowledge about the university and personal experiences, the advisor can assist the student organization in its activities. In addition, valuable, mutually rewarding, cocurricular relationships between student and advisors are fostered. The relationship between the administrator and a student organization will vary from year to year and individual to individual. However, the student/advisor relationship can be critical to the success of the student organization. We suggest the following guidelines for fostering that relationship:

 • The advisor shall recognize and support the participation in the student organization for the educational and personal development of students.

• The advisor should work with student organizations, but not dictate the group’s programs or activities. However, the advisor should be frank in offering suggestions, considerations, or ideas, and discussing possible consequences.

• The advisor should be well informed about the plans and activities of the group. The expectation is that the advisor will attend some meetings and will consult with the student organization’s officers.

• The advisor should know the goals and direction of the student organization and should help the group evaluate its progress. The advisor should be aware of the constitution and bylaws of the group and help with interpretation.

• The advisor should provide a source of continuity within the student organization and be familiar with the group’s history.

• The advisor should be familiar with university policies and procedures and help the student organization comply with them.

• The advisor should be aware of the general financial condition of the student organization and encourage good record keeping.

• The advisor should aid and offer guidance in the training of new officers and help them to develop their leadership skills.

• The advisor should be prepared to deal with and aid the student organization through any negative or adverse situations or activities that the student organization may encounter.

• The advisor should help to monitor the functioning group and encourage members to fully participate, to assume appropriate responsibility for group activities, and to encourage and foster the members in the appropriate balance between academics and co-curricular activities. 

The Organization’s Responsibility to the Advisor

• Notify the advisor of all the student organization’s meetings and events.

• Consult him/her in the planning of projects and events.

• Consult him/her before any changes in the structure of the group or before the policies of the student organization are changed, and before any major projects are undertaken.

• Understand that although the advisor has no vote that he/she should have speaking privileges.

• Remember that the responsibility for the success or failure of the group rests ultimately with the student organization, not the advisor.

Complete the following form if interested in becoming a Student Organization Advisor